Arrow holder for storing and building arrows
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Arrow Cradle

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The Arrow Cradle was designed from a request to create an arrow holder for the building process and letting the adhesive dry but I went a few steps beyond that! Max capacity is 5 dozen arrows and can hold all arrow diameters from micro to 3D/target. The Arrow Cradle was designed to sit on your bench-top and take up very little precious working space with its compact design. Organize your arrow mess with the Arrow Cradle.


In order to keep shipping costs low, some assembly/gluing is required. The post is designed with different sized ledges to ensure the top and bottom pieces can only go on one way. Apply a little insert adhesive, fletching glue, or lock tight/super glue to each ledge and side the bottom piece on first followed by the top piece. Allow for plenty of time to dry and you are good to go!


3D Printed

Material: Atomic PETG - Made in USA

Capacity: Holds 3 dozen target/3D arrows (up to .425 dia) or 5 dozen hunting arrows.

Print Time: 12hrs 44mins

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Perfect for drying fletches


Love this product. I got it today with Kyle leaving handwritten instructions and a note after. Thought that was pretty awesome. I will probably be ordering another one soon.